Audit participation and access

Participation in both audits is open to public and independent providers across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Centres interested in participating in either the Age-related Macular Degeneration or Cataract Audits are welcome to join either or both audits at any time by submitting a fully completed and authorised Participation and Data Sharing Agreement. Please complete the new joiners form and return via email, to the NOD team.

As the data being submitted is collected via Electronic Medical Records (EMR) rather than requiring additional data entry, we operate via organisational sign up rather than individual clinician participation. Participation is not limited to any particular EMR or database supplier provided the data is compatible with the relevant audit data set:

Participation requires permission from each provider's AMD or Cataract lead or lead clinician, and the Caldicott Guardian or information governance equivalent. Signed agreements between the provider and the RCOphth will address all data sharing rights and approvals.

All providers involved in either or both audits will pay annual participation fees.

Publication of an Annual Report displaying both aggregate and site-level data will be made available on the NOD Audit website 

The NOD does not have a section 251 (S251) exemption and as such no patient identifiable data is submitted. The College intends to apply for an exemption to facilitate linkage with other databases such as NHS Digital and NHS Wales Informatics Service. If S251 exemption is granted then all centres will be informed of the changed status of the audit, and permissions for data extraction will be revised accordingly.

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